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Apr 15, 2019

Several Common Chemical Sunscreen Filters Appear to be Endocrine Disruptors

A large number of studies in animals and cells have shown that the chemicals affect reproduction and development by a...

Apr 11, 2019

Love Sun Body - Truly Effective, Safe and Clean Mineral Sunscreens

In addition to poor protection from UVA rays, chemical sunscreen active ingredients, particularly oxybenzone and octi...

Apr 9, 2019

New Powdered Sunscreens are Hazardous Products

News flash! New powdered sunscreens. It's a relaunching effort to bring hazardous products to market. Environmental W...

Apr 7, 2019

A New Study from The University of Liverpool Reveals Application of SPF Moisturizers is Inferior to Sunscreens in Coverage of Facial and Eyelid Regions

University of Liverpool research, published April 3, 2019 shows moisturizers with sun protection factor (SPF) provide...

Apr 5, 2019

Sunscreen that Protects both Humans and Coral Reefs

There are two kinds of sunscreen ingredients on the market which work in different ways. Physical sunscreens, also ca...

Mar 30, 2019

What is Greenwashing?

The majority of new personal care products claim to be natural. Consumers confusion continues as which products are a...

Mar 23, 2019

Why SPF Alone is Not Enough

SPF (sun protection factor) is a relative measure of how long a sunscreen will protect you from ultraviolet UVB rays....

Mar 16, 2019

What is a GMO?

Genetically modified organism (GMOs) are plant, animal, microorganism or other organisms that have had their characte...

Mar 14, 2019

Officials in Miami Beach are Considering a Ban on the Sale of Sunscreens Containing the Two Chemicals Oxybenzone and Octinoxate which Harm Coral Reefs

Coral reefs are important for many different reasons, they contain the most diverse ecosystems on the planet, protect...

Feb 5, 2019

Key West Bans Sunscreens Containing the Chemicals Oxybenzone and Octinoxate that Harm Coral Reefs

Key West, Florida has voted to ban certain sunscreens in an effort to protect coral reefs in its surrounding waters. ...
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