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Our Sustainable Packaging

The beauty industry’s contribution to packaging production and waste is massive. It is clear that it is time for real, actionable commitments that will drastically reduce this sector’s and our impact on the climate, environment, wildlife and communities. Love Sun Body’s approach to sustainable packaging is smart design, sustainably sourced and optimized for end-of-life. 

Love Sun Body is taking bold steps to drastically reduce the use of virgin materials, specifically plastic. We are encouraging a holistic approach to choosing packaging, and prohibiting false claims around recyclability and “green” materials. 

Among all of the potential packaging options out there, PET plastic is by far the most popular for a variety of reasons. It leads the pack with overwhelming durability, but the environmental impacts of plastic disposal is a major drawback for the industry and concern among the growing environmental impact. 

That’s where post-consumer resin (PCR) comes in. Improvements in the recycling/reprocessing of material result in higher quality post-consumer material which allows higher levels of PCR, to be used effectively. 

Post-consumer resin, or PCR, is the technical term for recycled plastic. PCR presents a new opportunity for companies looking for a more sustainable packaging option to offer their environmentally-conscious customer base. 

Essentially, spent plastic waste collected at local recycling centers is sorted, sterilized and repurposed into new packaging options specific to your unique needs. Many packaging manufacturers that work with PCR offer a wide range of PCR levels in new packaging, up to and including 100%.

Because post-consumer resin is recycled material, it offers a wide range of advantages over virgin plastic in our product packaging. PCR can be recycled after use.

PET and HDPE bottles comprise 97.1% of the United States plastic bottle and packaging market. Together, PET and HDPE are 98.6% of the bottles recycled. ( Source: Plastics Recycling )

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