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How to Recycle Our Packaging


Among all of the potential packaging options out there, PET plastic is by far the most popular for a variety of reasons. It leads the pack with overwhelming durability, but the environmental impacts of plastic disposal is a major drawback for the industry and concern among the growing environmental impact. That’s where post-consumer resin (PCR) comes in. Improvements in the recycling/reprocessing of material result in higher quality post-consumer material which allows higher levels of PCR, to be used effectively. 


Once emptied, by taking a moment to give our tubes a rinse, even if it is just with dishwater runoff, this will help ensure that they end up getting processed.

Air Removed and Cap Back On

Gently squeeze the tube to remove the air and be sure to replace the cap back on after you have done this. This causes more space to be saved at the processing facility, reducing the need for expansion. Just make sure they are empty and that you place them in a recycling bin.

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