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Love Sun Body: A Green & Socially Responsible Business

Love Sun Body is a Green & Socially Responsible Business

Love Sun Body was conceived as a green and socially responsible business. Each ingredient that we source and every product that we formulate starts by using the highest quality all-natural ingredients that we source globally to meet the Cosmos-standard. All of our products are biodegradable and packaging is recyclable. Love Sun Body is committed to environmentally-conscious business practices including recycling, manufacturing and socially responsible investments (SRI) that focus on conservation of natural resources, manufacturing and implementation of clean air.

Love Sun Body strives to have a positive impact on the global and local environment, community, society and economy. Love Sun Body has progressive environmental and human rights policies: 

  1. We incorporate principles of sustainability into each of our business decisions.
  2. We supply environmentally friendly products that replaces demand for non-green products.
  3. We are greener than our competition.
  4. We have made an enduring commitment to environmental principles in our business operations. 

We seek out relationships with companies engaged in social justice, environmental sustainability and alternative energy/clean technology efforts.

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