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Why Post-Consumer Recycled Packaging?

Why Post-Consumer Recycled Packaging?

We believe that packaging should not only hold our sunscreens—it should be environmentally friendly and a more sustainable option to use in support of our recycling programs and to help reduce the amount of waste sent to landfills. Our team is working on making Love Sun Body an industry leader in the use of PCR (post-consumer recycled) materials, and we are setting even bolder goals for the future. Using recycled materials diverts waste from ending up in the landfill, and by our use of PCR plastic and paper—we are leading a zero-waste revolution and stepping boldly into a more sustainable future for ourselves and future generations to come.

What exactly does PCR (post-consumer recycled) mean?

Among all the potential packaging options out there, PET plastic is by far the most popular for a variety of reasons. It leads the pack with overwhelming durability and affordability, but the environmental impacts of plastic disposal are a major drawback for the industry and concern among the growing Millennial consumer base.

That is where post-consumer resin (PCR) comes in. Improvements in the recycling/reprocessing of material result in higher quality post-consumer material which allows higher levels of PCR, up to 100%, to be used effectively.

Post-consumer resin, or PCR, is the technical term for recycled plastic. PCR presents a new opportunity for companies looking for a more sustainable packaging option to offer our their environmentally-customers.

Essentially, spent plastic waste collected at local recycling centers is sorted, sterilized and repurposed into new packaging.

To further divert waste, we also use pre-consumer recycled materials, which are materials that are recycled or utilized after the manufacturing process, but never make it to consumers. For instance, paper scraps or plastic shavings collected during the manufacturing process.​

Sustainable practices and recycling can help reduce Love Sun Body’s carbon footprint. The carbon footprint of manufacturing PET plastic is lower than virgin PET, including all the energy to collect, recycle, and remanufacture the plastic.

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