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Exclusive Investor Q&A Webinar, With Dr. Terry Zickerman

I recently had the opportunity to host an exclusive investor Q&A webinar where I had the chance to answer all of your burning questions about our product, our raise on StartEngine, and our investor community.

 Love Sun Body was founded in 2012, and we launched the company in 2018 after 6 years of research and development. That was when we produced the first and only 100% natural origin mineral sunscreen in the U.S. certified by Ecocert Cosmos Natural.

We are raising on the StartEngine platform. If you're not familiar with StartEngine, it's a platform where we can sell equity shares in the company to investors before we go public!

Since we’ve launched the company, we have experienced tremendous growth with not only our company, but our strong community as well.

I would like to take this opportunity to highlight some of the important topics we discussed in this most recent webinar. 

The Sunscreen Shake Up

Love Sun Body started out as a conversation between my family while we were visiting the beach.

While we were looking at the typical sunscreen ingredients, we thought to ourselves, “Why can’t we find something that is truly clean?”

If you’re not familiar with sunscreen ingredients, they are broken up into two parts:

Active Ingredients - These are what protect us from UVA and UVB rays.

Inactive Ingredients - The carrier, or the lotion that the active ingredients are on.

Being a doctor, I understand the chemical composition of a product. As a general consumer, I was looking at different sunscreens and couldn’t find ones with active ingredients that I could trust.

This is when I decided to create the change I wanted to see, and invented an organic sunscreen that is safe for everyone.


Not all Sunscreens are Created Equal

When I started the company in 2012, I did thorough research and found out that sunscreens were not really meant for humans, and they weren't safe for the environment either.

UV filters had these synthetic chemicals that were used in the production, and they were questionable because they affected people's hormone levels. 

At the time it was recommended that companies should start fresh and come up with new formulations, but no companies started to do that.

Mineral filters are known as zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, they sit on top of the skin and reflect UV rays.

Synthetic chemical filters are made in a laboratory and actually absorbed into the skin.

Companies are using these synthetic chemicals that cause issues with hormones, are not safe for coral reefs, and are even banned all over the world.

At Love Sun Body, we use trustworthy key ingredients that are green and plant-based for a product that you know is safe and skin-friendly.

The Sunscreen Market

The Sunscreen Market is currently a $10 billion market, and that’s just sunscreen alone.

If you include sun protection and other cosmetic products, it's over a $14 billion market. 

What is really growing at a rapid pace is clean and green beauty. It's growing at a substantial pace, outpacing traditional cosmetic growth, because today people are looking for a healthier form of skin care. 

They understand it's not only important what you put into your body, but also what you put ON your body as well. This goes for ingredients that are transdermally absorbed into the skin and into the plasma.

We pride ourselves in creating a product for the folks who understand the importance of clean, organic ingredients.

The Love Sun Body Position

Our peak seasons, our e-commerce sales grew over 100% year over year. Year to date, we were up over 163% from the prior year. 

As far as what we're doing to bring brand awareness, when we do Google retargeting ads we get over a 2.5% return on the investment when we partake in that kind of marketing.

We're planning on launching some additional products over the next year, which will be non-sunscreen, but some type of body and cleansing products. These will also be 100% organic, which doesn't exist on the market today. 

We are expanding our marketing and our distribution not only into the US, but into Europe as well.

A huge launch for us will be in Europe next year, where we will be the only line of sunscreens that have COSMOS certification.

We look forward to giving you more exciting updates as we come closer to beginning this process.


Invest on StartEngine Today!

Now is your chance to become a part of the trusted new face of mineral sunscreen.

We take great pride and responsibility in ensuring that our team is fully equipped, and that includes you!

If you share our passion for helping others get protected under the sun, join us on our journey and become an early investor today on StartEngine.


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