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Founder’s Note: How 9/11 Inspired Me To Do What I Do

Life is unpredictable, many walk-through life never knowing what will spark their next life venture. It took one heartbreaking, major turn of events for me to realize I was capable of something more meaningful.

Like a heated iron, 9/11 marked my life, if it were not for this tragic day Love Sun Body may have never come to be.

An Event That Changed My Life

After becoming a physician, like many doctors, I decided on an early retirement from practice (I was 27) and pursued a career in the financial industry. From 1993 to September 2001, I worked as a financial advisor in New York City at Prudential, Paine Webber (which merged with UBS), and then Smith Barney.

I worked with clients throughout the U.S. and Europe and many of my clients were also physicians. While at Smith Barney, my team planned a client dinner in Buckhead Georgia on September 11, 2001.

Though I typically scheduled a car service to go back and forth from my home in Montclair NJ to Newark Airport, on September 11, I asked my wife Renee to drop me off.

It was a beautiful day, and what became very clear to me on September 11th was a day that changed my life and my family’s life forever.

Unsettling News

My flight took off just after 8:30 am. I recall like it was yesterday, the sky was so blue, with no clouds and we were flying by the twin towers over the Hudson River. In all my years traveling on hundreds of flights, none of my flights passed by with such an amazing view.

About 90 minutes passed and the plane started circling. This happened several times for about 30 minutes.

We next started to descend, arriving at the Atlanta airport. The plane taxied for several minutes, stopping several hundred feet away from the terminal.

While sitting on the taxiway in the parked plane, after several minutes, I remember hearing cell phones and pagers ringing and buzzing, and passengers crying out, “Oh my God” and “The Twin Towers”.

The passenger next to me leaned over, he quietly whispered that “one of the towers was hit by a plane”. I turned on my phone, no service. Another few minutes went by, and I borrowed his phone, and could not reach anyone.

My phone rang, it was a friend from my childhood, asking me if I was ok in New York City. I said to my friend Eric, “I’m on a plane in Atlanta, Georgia, and I’m ok. Please call my wife and my parents and let them know that I’m alive and I’m ok”.

Over another hour passed, not one announcement was made on the plane. We next taxied to the terminal, where we started to deboard the plane. While walking into the terminal, all the lights were off, and no passengers were in the terminal.

I stopped at a pay phone and called my wife and told her that I was ok, that I loved her and to call my parents. I would call her when I made it to the hotel. After walking to the rental car shuttle, the shuttle made its way to an empty parking lot, where all passengers disembarked.

Everyone was lined up in an empty parking lot, single file, waiting for brand new cars, because there were no cars left at the rental lot. I remember having a conversation with the couple in front of me while waiting for a rental car. They mentioned that they would catch a flight the next day, I said I do not believe there would be any flights tomorrow. After receiving a rental car, I started to drive to my hotel in Buckhead.

The rental car was a Buick SUV, which started to overheat. I stopped at a restaurant across from the hotel for lunch. After lunch, I made my way over to the hotel. I first asked the hotel concierge to help me switch the car for anything that was available.

After checking in, the new car arrived. I was relieved I would have transportation back to New Jersey. The next day, I planned to travel on interstate 85, rather than 95, not knowing if the highways would also be closed. After a 14-hour journey, I made my way home and I was relieved to see my wife.

Turning A New Leaf

Fast forward, my career transformed to Institutional Equity Sales and Research at Citi Smith Barney and then at Morgan Stanley. While I was devoted to my career, I knew that it was not all that I was capable of. While I always thought my career should have purpose and meaning, what happened next became my life’s mission.

My first cousin, then my father, and next my uncle (my dad’s brother), all died from cancer. While I’ve always been concerned about cancer, I did not have a way to do anything about it for my family and other people in my life.

In 2012, my family and I founded Love Sun Body. We were looking for a really clean sunscreen with ingredients I could trust, that had enough SPF and would be really effective, and wasn’t one of those thick mineral sunscreens that looked white.

I couldn’t find one, so I decided to make my own. I spent the next 6 years becoming an expert on all things sunscreen and sourcing every ingredient carefully – and Love Sun Body was born!

Love Sun Body is America’s first and only Cosmos-certified 100% natural origin mineral sunscreen, which means it is safe for your body & the planet. 

Being certified to the Cosmos standard by Ecocert, the governing body for natural cosmetics, means Love Sun Body formulas contain only:

  • 100% natural ingredients
  • No chemical filters
  • No synthetic ingredients

Love Sun Body sunscreens are reef safe and do not contain any of the chemicals banned for harming the coral reefs. The sunscreens are formulated with non-nano zinc oxide and titanium dioxide to provide broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection that meet the requirements of the FDA, the European Commission and Canada’s Natural Health Product Regulations.

Available in SPF 30 and SPF 50 Love Sun Body’s formulas are lightweight, non-greasy and include moisturizing sunflower oil, so it is easier to rub in than traditional mineral sunscreens.

Love Sun Body formulas are clinically proven effective, even up to 80 minutes in the water, and have been awarded the highest rating from the EWG (Environmental Working Group).

Love Sun Body 100% natural origin mineral sunscreens are tested to ensure they are safe for sensitive skin, hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic, vegan, cruelty-free and gluten-free.

Learn More About Us

If you’re familiar with the recent FDA reports on chemical sunscreen filters, if you’re concerned with what you are putting on and what’s transdermally being absorbed into your body, question how effective and safe your sunscreen really is for yourself, your family, and the environment, please read more about Love Sun Body.

To partner with us to help us change the world, including expanding our U.S. distribution, international distribution and launching our organic skincare products, learn more about becoming a shareholder in Love Sun Body on StartEngine.

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