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The Environmental Working Group's 2018 12th Annual Sunscreen Guide Rates The Hazards And Efficacy Of Sunscreens

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Since 2007, when the Environmental Working Group (EWG) published its first Sunscreen Guide, many sun protection products sold in the U.S. have become safer and federal regulators have cracked down on some of the worst phony marketing claims. EWG's investigation of approximately 650 beach and sport sunscreens for our 12thannual guide found that serious concerns remain.

Two-thirds of the products EWG examined offer inferior sun protection or contain worrisome ingredients like oxybenzone, a hormone disruptor, or retinyl palmitate, a form of vitamin A that may harm skin. And despite scant evidence, the government still allows most sunscreens to claim they help prevent skin cancer.

Over the course of 12 years, EWG has uncovered mounting evidence that one common sunscreen chemical, oxybenzone, poses a hazard to human health and the environment. It is an allergen and a hormone disruptor that soaks through skin and is measured in the body of nearly every American.

EWG has rated Love Sun Body 100% Natural Origin Mineral Sunscreens the best score of 1. This reflects the degree of both UV protection from the sun’s ultraviolet radiation and the hazards of all the ingredients on the label.

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