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Equity Crowdfunding 101: Join Love Sun Body as an Investor


Love Sun Body is 100% natural sunscreen certified Ecocert Cosmos Natural. We don’t use harsh synthetics or chemical filters, and you can trace our raw, natural ingredients right to their source.

From our all-natural ingredients, to our packaging that reduces plastic waste by reusing old recycled material, to the UV blocking non-nano materials in the sunscreen, every aspect of Love Sun Body is good for the body and the planet.

As an investor through our raise on StartEngine, you will take part as a shareholder in a world-leading product while supporting our efforts for expansion, growth, and climate sustainability.

Why Equity Crowdfunding?

The equity crowdfunding market has grown substantially in recent years, and remains an attractive model for early stage startups looking to raise money from the general public.

Regulation Crowdfunding is a new type of funding that provides investors with a stake in the startups and companies they invest in. Before equity crowdfunding, companies could only raise money through accredited investors. Now, you can help contribute to company’s committed to creating a brighter, more sustainable world.

The JOBS Act has created a tremendously exciting environment for new startups and makes it easier for entrepreneurs to raise capital for their company.

Recent changes to the JOBS Act include:

  • Companies must be SEC registered
  • Companies can raise a maximum amount of $5 million in a 12 month period
  • Companies have the ability to run a Test The Waters (TTW) campaign
  • Non-accredited and accredited investors can invest

Love Sun Body has gained its reputation and customer loyalty with high standards of ingredients and product performance. It is the market leader in certified mineral sunscreen in the US, recognized by both consumers and scientists.

Our goal through our raise on StartEngine is to expand development on our product and protect the environment without sacrificing product effectiveness.

Our Goals

We believe that everyone deserves great skin. That’s why we’re on a mission to lead the industry to create a better future for sun protection.

With Love Sun Body, you get a broad spectrum of active skincare products with groundbreaking UVA/UVB protection, free of all harsh synthetics and cancer-causing chemicals.

These are the same chemicals that potentially millions of people are absorbing into their bloodstreams every time they use chemical or even mineral sunscreen since 60% of what we rub into our skin gets absorbed into our bodies (Source).

Love Sun Body products ensure sun protection that is both effective and sustainable for the environment. 

Join Love Sun Body as an Investor

Love Sun Body is the first and only Cosmos Natural certified sunscreen company in the US, and is an industry leader in alternatives to conventional sunscreens.

Through our equity crowdfunding campaign, you can now take part in Love Sun Body as an investor and join us in this revolution. Join the community at our StartEngine page today for just $330!

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