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Spotlighting our Fantastic Team

At Love Sun Body, we know that any successful business endeavor begins with passion, knowledge, and dedication. We have created our strong team with that in mind, because we know what it takes to grow a flourishing business.

From day one, we have been committed to having all of the experts in the industry on our team. Let us take a moment to introduce you to the visionaries behind Love Sun Body.

Dr. Terry Zickerman, Love Sun Body CEO & Founder 

Dr. Terry Zickerman is a global leader for expertise in natural sunscreen formulation and research in the transdermal effects of sunscreen filters and synthetic ingredients. At Love Sun Body, Dr. Terry Zickerman seeks to leverage our reach, scale, and expertise to effect real change in sustainability issues in skincare products.

Dr. Brian Brazzo, Love Sun Body Board Member, and Board-Certified Ophthalmologist

Dr. Brazzo is a board certified ophthalmologist and a fellowship-trained plastic surgeon. He is a Harvard Medical School graduate that has been a featured lecturer and author of numerous articles and papers. 

Kevin Gallagher, Love Sun Body Board Member and Former President of Croda’s Global Personal Care

Kevin Gallagher was the former President of Croda’s Global Personal Care & Activities, and also served as a member of the executive committee. Throughout his 37 years of diverse experience at Croda, Kevin has had the privilege of working within the chemical industry as well as many other boards.

Steve Liaci, Love Sun Body Board Member 

Steve has 25 years of sales management experience in the medical equipment industry, and has been fortunate enough to have great successes all around. Steve has also been training on the piano for the last 8 years, and enjoys performing for select groups.

Our Team is Dedicated to Making Love Sun Body a Leading Skincare Brand

As the trusted new face in mineral sunscreen, we at Love Sun Body take great pride and responsibility in ensuring that our team is fully equipped. We are proud of all of the accomplishments and progress we have made so far, and encourage you to join us on our journey.


For more information and details on our team, please visit our equity crowdfunding page on StartEngine.

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